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Water and waste treatment

Job description :

  • Participate proactively in the Financial management of the Company in coordination with the GM and other key people Company (HR, Purchasing, Engineering etc.)
  • Ensures implementation and adequate administrative scheme for the Company and in accordance with the accounting rules, laws, local statutory and tax. He (she) establishes the administrative contract monitoring and management and administrative monitoring of contracts with subcontractors.
  • Supervise the accounting and financial issues of the Company and ensures that the financial process allows recording comprehensive and without delay costs and time commitments.
  • Supervision of the accounts of the Company, as well as tax and social management.
  • Monitoring and situations of the customer’s billing activity and supplier’s invoices, including invoices to and from Shareholding Companies.
  • Monitoring the bank accounts and payments of the company according to internal circulars and procedures of the Company.
  • Develop and produce the financial statements of the Company and ensures the production of financial data (monthly reporting, budget, discount …) in the systems approved by the Suez Group and that in accordance with quality standards. Ensures compliance with Suez Group procedures.
  • Minimize and control the financial risk exposure of the Company.
  • He (she) formalizes and updates monitoring risks and opportunities of the Company by ensuring the adequacy of provisions based on the mastery of risk strategy and progress.
  • Preparation of monthly closing of accounts by validating the revenues and expenses and cash position of the business of the Company and that after validating the integrity and completeness of data.
  • He (she) is active in the production of financial data of the Company (reporting, budgeting, forecast and updates).
  • Ensures and enhances the monitoring and forecasting of cash from the business (cash budget), it ensures the timeliness of customer recovery and the timing of supplier payments.
  • Actively participate in the Cost Control function ensuring among other things that the target budget is in line with the strategy and scope of distribution and having a pro-active management of modifications, variations etc.
  • It establishes and monitors the various deposits and guarantees required by the contract and the related central teams.


  • Financial and accounting graduate studies
  • Experienced with the construction and utility trades profile
  • Autonomous in its functions, but good at teamwork
  • Commercial sensitivity (contracts, claims management and damages)
  • Good working knowledge of financial information systems and more specifically Excel and ERP tools
  • Good technical knowledge of financial monitoring of Companies and Projects (Work In Progress, cash flow exposure ….)
  • Speaking English and Turkish
  • Professional Experience in Turkey is an added advantage.

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