Nom de la société : Multinational group, delivering infrastructure projects in Africa

Phénicia Conseil for a multinational group, delivering infrastructure projects in Africa in the areas of housing, water, energy, agriculture, technology, education and health is looking for a:



local, based in Lisbon – Portugal /Hybride

We are in search of a dedicated expeditor to ensure seamless fulfillment of the delivery of the goods after a purchase order is issued. The expeditor will not be responsible for the delivery of the PO as this is the responsibility of the strategic buyer. Instead the focus will be streamlining post-PO processes to guarantee timely and accurate implementation.


Key responsibilities

  • Monitor and track the status of the post-PO, ensuring adherence to agreed timelines, financial and technical terms.
  • Close cooperation with the strategic buyers, finance, and logistics departments.
  • Engage directly with vendors to ensure they meet technical specifications, payment terms, and delivery timelines as detailed in the PO.
  • Act as bridge, facilitating effective communication between departments regarding post PO activities.
  • Establish and maintain professional communication with internal teams to update on the status of the PO.
  • Collaborate with project management teams for updates and insights related to PO progression.
  • Issue weekly follow-up reports.
  • Lead an optimization process within the expediting role.

Skills and expériences

Experience of 3-5 years in procurement or project management in a construction company will be a plus.

  • Proficiency in English and Portuguese
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office tools, particularly Excel.
  • Outstanding communication capabilities, verbally and written.
  • Strong interpersonal skills, promoting collaboration.
  • Problem solving and organizational skills.

To apply:


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