Phenicia Conseil Group for a local Joint Venture, subsidiary of an International Group considered a global leader and expert in his industry (electrical and electronic area) a real pioneer and one of the largest manufacturer in the African Region, a

Managing Director

Expat, based in LAGOS, Nigeria

Position Summary:

Reporting to the Director BU Africa, The Managing Director is responsible for overseeing and directing the operational, sales & marketing, financial, HR and legal affairs of the Joint Venture’s business in Nigeria, including related subsidiaries in liaison with all concerned support functions at Local and/or Group level as well as for supporting HQ development in Nigeria.

Skills and responsibilities:

1- Strategy: 

  • Develop, propose and execute the country strategic plan as well as in its sub-Area of influence
  • Be responsible of his/her country contribution and role
  • Ensure sustainability of assets
  • Review market development and analyse customers’ needs with a short, medium and long term view
  • Prepare the Company to cope successfully
  • Support the strategic expansion of the company in his/her area through organic development, and/or investment and/or acquisition

2- Managing of the Country activities & operations:

  • Direct and oversee the implementation of all Group policies, authorizations and delegations
  • Monitor and guide Country performance against targets and budgets
  • Make sure that the company abides by the local regulation as well as by the corporate policies
  • Promote the profile of the local JV business to domestic government, the local community, industry, professional association and the media
  • Manage the Country Executive Team to ensure all strategic objectives are met through its actions; ensure the resilience and depth of the Executive team and of senior management
  • Develop the sales of all Group’s products / services and especially those produced in his/her unit(s) with a special attention given to sales volume and to commercial margin
  • Reduce working capital as well as manufacturing costs. Improve lead time and lean management in his/her unit(s)
  • Anticipate risks, propose and implement mitigation measures

3- Country governance / change management:

  • Ensure best relations within the companies in the JV’s board members. He/she ensures the proper implementation and follow-up of its decisions
  • Drive the implementation of the associates in the JV operating model as per the defined reporting lines and policies
  • Systematically promote synergies across the companies on the JV: country / entity
  • Optimize all Group and Area resources

4- Manage and develop people:

  • Ensure the proper deployment and use of all corporate HR tools in compliance with local regulation and group guidelines
  • Develop human resources to ensure development for their own benefit and benefit of the company, build a favorable climate for efficient work and for making the subsidiary, as a preferred employer on the local labour market. Implement necessary actions to ensure career management and succession planning run smoothly
  • Promote mobility at domestic, regional and group levels in all circumstances as per the organizational need and request
  • Identify talents, develop leadership skills to benefit the organization in a short- and mid-term perspectives
  • Support the Group management culture and corporate values. Make them alive by leading by example
  • Mentor and review the performance of the Country management team in liaison with the concerned support function specialists at regional or Group level. Recommend remuneration and personal objectives for his/her managers as per the Group policy and regional HR coordination and guidelines

5-MERA area governance:

  • Support country and local sustainable business development by lobbying and public affairs actions in coordination with the Area and other countries sales team
  • Promote JV Group reputation, expansion and good image; Also promote the company business to local government and community, industry, professional trade association and the media
  • Define domestic policies in the framework of HQ group policies and enforce them
  • As per the Group governance rules in place, participate and coordinate all support functions with any concerned group entity or department at Area or Group level.

Expected Results:

  • Achieve country EBITDA, ROCE and FCF objectives
  • Ensure Group’s assets sustainability on “soft” matters (product reputation, brand image, law compliance and work ethics) and on “hard” matters (facilities, equipment)
  • Implement and support efficient management structure at both Country and Area levels, foster staff motivation and engagement
  • Continue sales / market share growth in the domestic and export markets, in terms of sales volume and of commercial margin
  • Optimize Group / sub-area & Country resources in the best cost efficient way.

Education and requirements:

  • Diploma in Engineering/Process Engineering/ Electronic Engineering, Manufacturing, and Master related to requested field
  • At least 10/15 years of experience in the sector, at least 5 in Top Executive roles
  • Proven experience in working in Africa and in Joint Venture with local companies


·     English as a Must! Other languages advantage

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