Nom de la société : A Group offering turnkey residential Villas solutions in Bali

Phénicia Conseil for a group based in Bali (Indonesia)  offering turnkey residential Villas solutions, personalized, built and designed by his own architects and mostly intended for rental management / rental investment,  is looking for a:


Bali, Indonesia

 He/She will be fully responsible to maintain connections with business clients, acting in a real “paradise” and unique working contest.

The Process:

At the beginning, the field team takes care of finding interesting sites for this type of villa, negotiating them with the landowners, the banjar/subak/desa/etc. before referencing them and offering them to customers.

Then, when a client joins the adventure, the company begins to take care of everything to build the Villa, based on the selected model, customer’s orientation and optimising the rental yield.

Once the design is accomplished externally and internally the call for tenders is launched with subcontractors to ensure the construction of it. Everything is followed and managed from start to end in order to meet deadlines and comply with the design and customer’s needs

Client Relationship Manager role:

  • Meeting online or offline with clients in-person to discuss about progress of project
  • Resolving client issues to preserve relationships and communicating with other departments about maximizing client experiences.
  • Identify potential opportunities and inform the sales team to follow up.

Skill requirements and Education

– Bachelor’s degree background in sales or customer relations management are preferred

– 1 to 3 years of communication and administration experience

– Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English and French as a Must!

– Ability to lead and work within a team

– Excellent conflict resolution and interpersonal skills and ability to build lasting relationships with clients

– Exceptional organization skills and a strong work ethic

To apply send your cv to:

Pour postuler, envoyez votre CV et votre lettre de motivation par e-mail à

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