The potential of the African continent is no longer to be demonstrated. Seven of the seventeen countries with the strongest growth in the world are in Africa.

Tangier: The backbone of economic development in the Kingdom of Morocco

Industrial projects are numerous on the African continent. In Tangier where our subsidiary Phéniciafrica counts many clients, the dynamism of young Moroccan entrepreneurs investing in all sectors is remarkable and an example for the African continent.


VAT-free zones for enterprises

The spearhead of this economic development is constituted by the free zones of Tangier Med whose enterprises are exempt from VAT.

These zones are home to more than 750 Moroccan and foreign export enterprises with a total turnover of more than 5.5 billion euros and generating some 65,000 jobs, which has enabled Morocco to move into new promising sectors such as the automotive, aeronautical and clean energy industries.


Mohammed VI Tangier Tech City

On top of this, there is the project to create the Mohammed VI Tangier Tech city, a vast industrial and commercial site extending over 2000 hectares for an investment of around 10 billion dollars, which is expected to create 300,000 direct and indirect jobs.


Phéniciafrica develops strategic partnerships with international groups based in Tangier

Our subsidiary Phéniciafrica in Morocco, a branch of the Phénicia Group, an international recruitment firm specialising in the search for talent on the African continent and in the Middle East, is developing partnerships with industrial groups in Tangier operating in the automobile manufacturing, aeronautical industry, aviation spare parts and industrial equipment, electronic information, textiles, machine manufacturing and other industries such as security.


The agricultural sector in full development and job creation

The agricultural sector also represents a major project for the development of the region.

This involves the expansion of irrigated areas and the promotion of high value-added crops as part of the Green Morocco Plan.


Tangier: A strategic economic positioning in the Kingdom of Morocco

According to a statement from the region’s regional investment centre, 206 industrial projects have been approved in 2022, which positions Tangier and its region as the second industrial hub in the Kingdom of Morocco.

The services sector is also experiencing a considerable rise with a share of 22% of the total approved projects with an investment amount of 1.57 MMDH and about 11500 projected jobs.

The tourism sector continues to spark the interest of Moroccan and foreign investors with 12% of approved projects with an investment amount of more than one billion dirhams consolidating the region as a privileged destination for seaside and ecological tourism.


The development of strategic partnerships to promote value sharing and technology transfer

The strategic alliance between Renault and the Moroccan Ministry of Industry aims to set up a major production unit in Morocco for the manufacture of low-cost vehicles for the Mediterranean market.

Moroccan factories are developing autonomously in Tangier while contributing to the development of the national industrial sector. 


A green infrastructure project will transform Tangier into a sustainable city by 2033

Tangier could become a sustainable city by 2033. The infrastructures of this project, which will be delivered by 2033, will cover an area of 2167 hectares in the communes of Laaouma and Sebt Azzinate.

An Industrial Acceleration Zone (IAZ) will be built on 947 hectares to house numerous infrastructures such as residential, tourist and leisure complexes.

Ultimately, the project will enable the digital transformation of the city of Tangier through technologies on an area of 1220 hectares intended for the development of a smart city.


-9- Phéniciafrica, a Phénicia conseil subsidiary: A recruitment hub for Africa in the Kingdom of Morocco

Phéniciafrica, a subsidiary of the Phénicia conseil group, aims to be a human resources hub between Europe and Africa by supporting the national industry strategy in Morocco to contribute to the recruitment of talent in all strategic sectors of activity.


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