The economic and social impact of recruitment mistakes

A recruitment agency that provides its clients with financial security if the candidate (ref.) is not confirmed in his or her position during the trial period demonstrates a true HR Partner spirit that is in line with a success dynamic.

A mistake due to the fact that the recruitment was based on the recommendation of a candidate (the famous word of mouth…) or on pure subjectivity, the instinct associated with the term “feeling” which should be banished from any HR language that tends to justify a recruitment can dramatically impact the human resources of an enterprise.

Professional competence cannot be measured by a subjective impression made by a candidate during a professional interview (the famous halo effect…)

Only a thesis based on facts, arguments and evidence gives credibility to an analysis of professional skills.

A recruitment mistake can be costly in the short term and a real industrial disaster in the medium and long term for an enterprise.

The cost of a recruitment mistake is estimated at between two and four times the annual salary of the new recruit.

If an employee is recruited with an annual salary of 50,000 euros, including charges, he or she will cost five hundred thousand euros over ten years or one million euros over twenty years.

The higher the hierarchical level of the candidate, the more expensive the mistake.

It is also very costly in the long run, as the employee who does not match the enterprise’s standards will sooner or later have to be dismissed with the inherent costs of redundancy.

On a human level, the consequences are also dramatic, as the recruitment mistake will destabilise part of the organisation.

Repeated recruitment mistakes will damage the managers who make them.

They cause them to lose their managerial credibility in the eyes of their teams, which is judged by the art of surrounding themselves with the best talent.

The choice of a candidate is not a neutral act, without consequences, it constitutes a strong commitment for the person who makes it.

A recruitment interview is an intellectual process that must respect a precise methodology, a time limit, a strict code of ethics and a high degree of intellectual honesty.

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