More than candidates: you are ambassadors of our performance!

The main goal of Phénicia Conseil is to place candidates at the heart of its strategy and corporate vision.

A job interview is inevitably a unique situation because the context is always different.

As an HR Partner, Phénicia Conseil aims to make it an excellent opportunity for communication to draw out each candidate’s goals and offer them challenges in line with their personal aspirations and professional skills.

Beyond listening skills, respect for others, organisational skills, empathy, an open mind and tolerance, we cannot conduct a job interview without passion.


The passions are the winds which fill the sails of the vessel; they sink it at times, but without them it would be impossible to make way


  • Passion for career analysis and understanding career plans.
  • Passion for diversity in discovering different personalities.
  • Entrepreneurial passion for selecting the right candidate.
  • Passion for preparing each candidate for the next steps in the recruitment process to improve their communication.
  • Passion for supporting them in their induction period in a new professional and cultural environment.
  • Passion for developing close communication with them throughout their career and providing them with high-quality advice.

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