International and intercultural recruitment agency

20 years of sharing and success.

More than just recruitment

We are players in their medium and long-term success.

Technical expertise

Our consultants’ specialist business expertise by sector and occupation allows us to collect the best applications by country and required skill set.



Values of humanism and respect for every candidate, regardless of their origin, culture, training and career path.



Placing candidates, HR managers and all individuals in charge of recruitment at the heart of our corporate vision to improve the quality of our communication and build the foundations for collective success.



Supporting the candidate during their induction period to help them target the main factors that will lead to success in their new post.

Phénicia Conseil is the leading agency for candidates who have chosen to embark on a career in intercultural and multidisciplinary environments.

Playing a role in recruitment helps to give meaning to a people-focused project.

A career is a journey through time where adaptation and change are key concepts.

On this uncertain journey, there are several ways to develop cultural intelligence and the ability to cope with change in order to understand a culture different to one’s own.

Mastering intercultural skills such as the ability to communicate in several cultures is considered a key asset in international career development.

The trick to intercultural recruitment is making the diverse professional experiences of each candidate a powerful economic and social performance tool for our clients

What are intercultural skills if not an expression of sensitivity, a spirit of tolerance and an open mind?

Phénicia Conseil is an agency that places the best of human values at the heart of its corporate vision, with the aim of making candidates’ career development the central tenet of its business.

Values of humanism and respect for every candidate, regardless of their origin, culture, training or career path.

Values of professionalism and performance to offer the businesses we work with a quality service and recruitment expertise gained by our consultants over years of international experience in various occupations and sectors.

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