Recruitment of expatriate executives in Africa and the Middle East

The most important factor for successful integration is the ability to listen in order to challenge one’s own paradigms, observe and learn in very specific circumstances, adapt and provide leadership in a culture different from one’s own.


Phénicia Conseil provides its expertise in recruitment in Africa and the Middle East, and offers a comprehensive HR service

  • Company induction training based on the corporate culture and the assignment described.
  • Introduction to the culture of the country, its economic context and working methods.
  • Orientation in the country concerned, and assistance with logistics, moving and obtaining legal documents.
  • Introduction to the process of acculturation to Africa to understand the different phases.
  • Change management to be aware of difference and soak up discovery in order to incorporate the cultural dimension of the country.
  • Implementation of a communication strategy based on the main factors that will have a decisive impact on the success of the assignment.
  • Invitation to the expatriate’s spouse to undertake intercultural training and build relationships in the country concerned via social networks, associations, etc., according to their interests.
  • Finding the spouse a job in the country concerned.
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