The international recruitment : Phénicia Conseil

The international recruitment


For Phenicia Conseil, recruiting candidates with intercultural competencies is at the heart of its activities.

Cross-cultural competencies are not only related to international recruitment, they are also necessary within a country and within any HR organisation.

For a business executive, cultural intelligence means being able to adapt to different business cultures and working methods.

All international HR functions are affected by cross-cultural management.

A company is a collection of several interacting cultures and subcultures that are constantly evolving.

Cross-cultural issues influence strategic and organisational management as well as international human resource management in their approach to international recruitment.

In terms of international expatriate recruitment ( ref.), despite the increasing development of processes that focus on intercultural training and integration, the failure rate of candidates is still too high.

Integrating a cross-cultural approach and sensitivity into an international recruitment process allows :

  • Better local recruitment or recruitment of international candidates
  • Performance evaluation
  • Development or adaptation of career plans
  • Preparation for the expatriation of the candidate
  • Preparation of the candidate’s return to his/her country of origin and his/her reintegration
  • Training and management of international teams
  • The selection of information systems and technological supports best adapted to cultural contexts to optimise human resources management
  • A better understanding of the real practices within a structure
  • Identification of the main causes of dysfunction in order to develop the most effective corrective strategies and promote a process of change at the employee level
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