On the Ivorian automotive market, all lights are green for dealers in 2022.

An expanding market:

Sales of new vehicles have increased since the entry into force in July 2018 of the measure banning the import of vehicles over 5 years, 7 years and 10 years of age to the delight of car and equipment dealers who have seen their turnover and sales volume rise.


Leader in new vehicle sales on the African continent:

Ivory Coast records the largest number of new vehicles sold in Francophone West Africa ahead of Senegal.


The major assets of the automotive market in Ivory Coast:

  • Existing qualified garages such as MIDAS. 
  • Existing assembly unit for IVECO/SOTRA minibusses. 
  • A well maintained road network. 
  • Progressive emergence of a middle class, now estimated at 26.4% of the population, concentrated in Abidjan. Sources: Ministry of Transport, GIPAME. 
  • Favorable economic context: The growth rate should remain sustained over the period 2020-2023, around 7%.
  • Renewal of the vehicle fleet Strict regulations: Limitation of the age of imported second-hand vehicles to 5 years. 
  • Launch of the Ivory Taxi operation by the Road Transport Development Fund (FDTR). 
  • Development of automobile credit: The purchase of new vehicles by bank credit is developing thanks to the important involvement of local banks.
  • Existing network for the sale of original spare parts. 
  • Assembly of vehicles.
  • Training in mechanics, electricity and automotive electronics. 
  • Assembly of automotive accessories (ball joints, dials, shock absorbers, etc.). 
  • Cabin and automotive painting.
  • Presence of automotive lubricants. 
  • Automobile simulators for training on all types of vehicles. 
  • Political will to renew the vehicle fleet.


The availability of car parts:

The dealerships have departments for the sale of spare parts, after-sales service and vehicle rental: TMCI (Europcar), CFAO (Avis, Hertz, Loxea), Socida (Socida Rent). For car accessories (battery, tire), the main brands present and distributed are: TMCI (Michelin, Berga), CFAO (Bridgestone), SOCIDA (Varta, Bosch), etc.


Market trends and developments:

Most dealers have diversified their ranges and also sell low-cost Chinese vehicles (Chery, Haval). The application of the new law limiting the age of imported used vehicles to 5 years should open up new prospects for them, provided they offer new vehicles that take into account the average purchase price of a used vehicle, estimated at between EUR 3,500 and 10,000.


Priority areas:

The government wishes to attract investors and position the country in the automobile assembly industry. Studies have already been initiated by the Ministry of Transport in collaboration with the ADB. This project will cover all types of motorized vehicles. The target markets are the West African Economic and Monetary Union (WAEMU) and ECOWAS, representing a combined market of more than 300 million inhabitants.


Phénicia Conseil : Leading international recruitment consulting firm in Ivory Coast for human resources:

Phénicia Conseil is regularly solicited by the HR departments of car dealerships to assist them in the search of profiles for various positions: Workshop Manager, Parts & Services Manager, After Sales Manager, Sales Representatives. 

Phénicia Conseil has developed strategic partnerships with the HRDs of major groups in the automobile distribution in Ivory Coast such as Tractafric Motors (Optorg Group) Rimco Motors (Yeshi Group).

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