The vehicle market in Cameroon continued to decline and remains 46.9% below pre-pandemic levels. 

Renault on the rise:

In 2021, Renault gained 61.3% in annual turnover in a market still 46.9% below pre-pandemic levels.


A market still in decline due to the impact of the pandemic:

The vehicle market in Cameroon continued to decline and remains 46.9% below pre-pandemic levels. 

In September 2021, the Cameroonian market continued to fall rapidly after a 41.6% drop in sales the previous month, and recorded 144 units sold (-45.7%), leading cumulative sales to 1,364 units, a 23.8% drop in sales compared to 2020. Compared to pre-pandemic levels, the market is still extremely affected, in fact, compared to September 2019, sales are down 46.9%.


Toyota and Hyundai in trouble:

From a brand perspective, leader Toyota lost 20.3% in the YTD rankings while holding 57.5% market share, while Renault recorded the best performance, increasing its sales by 61.3% and moving up 1 place. Hyundai recorded the worst performance, falling 41.3%.


Medium-term market trend:

The vehicle sector in Cameroon is still populated by imported used vehicles and is facing a negative trend, with new car registrations declining by approximately 600 units over the past 3 years.

Indeed, the market fell from 3,752 units in 2016 to 3,116 in 2017, while recording a stable performance in 2018 (+1.2%) at 3,152. In 2019, the market recorded a timid recovery. Full-year sales were 3,279, up 4% from the previous year. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, full-year sales for 2020 were 2,641, down 19.5% from 2019.

In 2021, the year had started badly for the Cameroonian market, as in Q1 450 units were sold, reporting a 34.9% drop in sales compared to Q1 2020. In the second quarter, sales began to rise due to the incredibly low levels of the previous year, reporting a 51.1% increase in sales. In July, 150 units were sold, reporting a 43.4% drop in sales, while in August sales remained down 41.6%.


Talent recruitment in the Cameroonian automotive sector:

Phénicia Conseil is regularly solicited for talent searches in the automotive industry in Cameroon by manufacturers but also by automotive distribution groups of the most important international brands.

The recruitment needs in Cameroon in the automotive sector concern the positions of Director of parts and services, Workshop Manager, Maintenance Technician, Sales Representatives, After Sales Manager.


Phénicia Conseil: a strategic HR partner for automobile distribution groups in Cameroon:

Phénicia Conseil has been responsible for the recruitment of the General Manager of Tractafric Motors, a subsidiary of the Optorg group, as well as the Director of Parts & Services.

Phénicia Conseil has also developed strategic partnerships with the Yeshi and SMT groups by contributing to strategic recruitments for various functions.
More than ever in 2022, Phénicia Conseil will be in Cameroon the privileged international recruitment consulting firm for the HR departments of prestigious companies in the automobile industry.

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