Phénicia Conseil’s HR experts have carried out a dynamic analysis of the activity sectors that will be recruiting talent in 2022 in Cameroon.

Transportation Sector:

Phénicia Conseil’s HR expert in the transport domain insists on the importance of this sector in the national economy of Cameroon.
It is one of the sectors that recruits the most talents in Cameroon as it plays a strategic role in the implementation of reliable economic programs generating important financial flows.


Forestry sector:

Phénicia Conseil’s HR expert in the forestry sector explains that wood is one of the pillars of the economy in Cameroon and contributes to 5% of the GDP, generating 30% of export resources.

Cameroon is the second largest forestry territory in Africa with more than 18 million hectares of exploitable forest which requires more and more qualified manpower.


Agricultural sector:

Phénicia Conseil’s HR expert in the agricultural sector explains that it is a major economic pillar in Cameroon.

Jobs are grouped around cotton, palm trees, the cocoa-coffee industry and bananas.


Financial sector:

Phénicia Conseil’s HR expert in the Finance sector specifies that there are 13 commercial banks in Cameroon that have been approved by the Banking Commission of Central Africa. Cameroonian banks are globally in excess liquidity. The restructuring of the banking sector in Cameroon has helped to stabilize a situation made difficult by the years of crisis leading to the creation of many jobs.


The ICT sector:

Phénicia Conseil’s HR expert in the information technology sector explains that this is a rapidly expanding sector in Cameroon.

To capitalize on the job opportunities in this sector, it is important that young Cameroonians can benefit from quality training to create new communication niches within start-ups or small enterprises in this vast and promising market.

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