Both job seekers and salespeople in sales seminars are told that “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”

The first impression bias is especially prevalent among unstructured and methodical recruiters

It turns out that a recruitment interview is the polar opposite of a sale, which is based on an irrational and emotional component triggered by a salesperson’s talent, charisma and persuasiveness.

Phénicia Conseil’s training of its HR consultants in international recruitment focuses on the methodology of the recruitment process, which is based on the search for factual and concrete elements that demonstrate the suitability of a candidate’s skills with those required for a position and its missions.


Phénicia Conseil: A recruitment methodology based on facts, arguments and evidence

The HR recruitment process at Phénicia Conseil is based on a methodology that aims to eliminate all considerations that are not based on facts, arguments, and evidence about a candidate’s professional background and performance in each of the roles he has held.

Human intuition is based on irrational aspects, whereas the evaluation of a candidate must be based on tangible elements of analysis.

The first impression bias is a defining characteristic of HR consultants who lack expertise in jobs and functions and are forced to rely on an absurd feeling to make a semblance of a diagnosis of a candidate’s skills.

During training sessions, Phénicia Conseil instils in its HR consultants that in order to become HR experts in recruitment, any form of first impression on a candidate must be avoided when conducting a recruitment process.

When a first impression emerges unexpectedly, as it often does at the start of an interview, it is necessary to leave it behind in order to not negatively impact the quality of an analysis and to focus all attention and concentration on the essential.

This is relatively easy when you consider all of the injustices and setbacks inflicted upon us by those who applied this so-called “first impression” rule!


Phénicia Conseil: Candidates’ consideration at the centre of the recruitment process

Phénicia Conseil is an international recruitment agency whose identity has been formed through contact with people from all walks of life.

Its cross-cultural approach enables it to incorporate, as an unshakeable conviction, the fact that human nature is too sophisticated for a candidate’s skills to be analysed, judged, and catalogued on the first minute of contact, the intensity of a handshake, the loose knot of a tie, a spike of hair, a button in the neck, or clumsiness of language caused by the professional context of a recruitment interview.

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