Analysis of the construction sector in Ivory Coast by Phénicia Conseil

A plethora of construction projects in Ivory Coast

The Abidjan metro, the rehabilitation of the Félix-Houphouët-Boigny bridge which spans the Ebrié lagoon, the construction of new port terminals, residential areas and hotel complexes, the development of roads, the construction of stadiums for the 2023 African Cup of Nations… the construction and public works sector is proving to be one of the most dynamic in Ivory Coast.


The third largest economic sector in terms of job creation in Ivory Coast

The construction and public works sector in Ivory Coast represents 10% of job creation with 28,000 employees, 85% of whom work in large groups.

Phénicia Conseil in Ivory Coast is regularly solicited by international construction and public works groups and also by Ivorian groups who are looking for expatriates and local talents for positions.

Phénicia Conseil is looking for engineers profiles in Ivory Coast to elaborate engineering projects, study technical processes, construction methods and costs.
Phénicia Conseil is also solicited in Ivory Coast by groups in the construction and public works sector in search of Works Supervisors, Site Managers and Works Directors.


A well-developed road network but in need of maintenance

The 2016-2025 phase of the Ivorian government’s road development plan includes the reinforcement and extension of urban roads in the city of Abidjan as well as major engineering structures.

With 6,500 km of asphalt roads and 7,566 km of unpaved roads, the Ivorian network is one of the most developed on the African continent, but nearly three quarters of the asphalt roads, i.e. 4,875 km, are between 15 and 35 years and require maintenance and renovation.


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