Agriculture accounts for nearly 20% of Ivorian GDP and employs nearly half of the population. 

An economic locomotive for Ivory Coast 

The challenge is now to move from subsistence agriculture to efficient, useful and sustainable entrepreneurial agriculture through the development of agribusiness. 

This is a promising market with strong demand that microfinance institutions are trying to meet with tailor-made products. 


An economic concept

Agribusiness is an economic concept that takes into account all operations involved in the production, manufacture, processing and distribution of agricultural products. 

Among the promising sectors in agribusiness in Ivory Coast are cocoa, palm oil, rubber, cashew nuts, sugar cane, cotton, etc., as well as food crops such as rice, maize, cassava, plantain bananas, yams, etc., which are widely consumed in Ivory Coast and the sub-region.

 In addition to these products, there are market garden crops such as tomatoes, green beans, okra and onions.


Phénicia conseil: International recruitment consultancy Expert in the recruitment of Agricultural Engineers

Phénica conseil has been approached by international groups in Ivory Coast who are looking for agricultural engineers to fill positions such as Farm Manager in charge of managing several hectares on site with the main mission of managing all fruit plantation activities.


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