Analysis of Nigeria’s oil and gas market by Phénicia Conseil

The largest oil producing country in Africa

Nigeria ranks as the largest oil producer in Africa and the 11th in the world with an average production of 2.28 million barrels per day in 2006.


An exceptional hydrocarbon subsoil

Nigeria possesses exceptional hydrocarbon resources. Its oil reserves are estimated at 36.2 billion barrels, representing 35% of Africa’s total reserves and nearly 80% of Sub-Saharan Africa’s.


The largest oil industry groups present in Nigeria

In Africa’s leading economy, SHELL owns 30% of the local subsidiary Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria, which it shares with the Nigerian national oil company (55%), the French and Italian groups Total Energies (10%) and ENI (5%).

In May 2021, the Anglo-Dutch hydrocarbon giant entered into negotiations with the Nigerian authorities to divest its interests in 19 onshore oil mining concessions valued at between $2 – $3 billion.


 Phénicia Conseil: international recruitment firm and expert in the Nigerian Oil & Gas sector

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