The Islamic Republic of Mauritania joined the private club of oil producing countries in 2006.

A new oil producing country status to assume

It is one of the small countries that have come on stream to meet the continuing growth in global oil demand (84.5 million barrels per day in 2006).

Mauritania is becoming an oil country at a time when oil from hard-to-reach areas is becoming profitable thanks to high crude prices.


A powerful economic lever in development

Oil is a lever for Mauritania, which now realises that it has a completely different status on the international scene and that this position can be further enhanced by the possible increase in prices or by new discoveries of oil fields.

Mauritania has 250 active oil and gas licences in the country.


A regulated management and legal framework

The country’s share of oil and natural resource revenues is collected by the national oil company, SMHPM, and managed by the national hydrocarbon revenue fund.

Mauritania’s current legal and regulatory framework for its petroleum sector is its petroleum code, which provides tax exemptions for activities in the sector and regulates the production, import and export, storage and marketing of hydrocarbons.


A geostrategic region of the African continent

With a privileged location on the Atlantic Ocean, linking North Africa to sub-Saharan Africa, the country is ready to capitalise on its new hydrocarbon wealth and support the industry to become a strategic regional and international market.


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