The Oil & Gas market is expected to grow at an annual rate of over 2.32% during the forecast period 2022-2025

An expected growth rate over the next three years

Increasing natural gas production and investments in the oil and gas sector are expected to drive the growth of the Algerian oil and gas market.


The Ukrainian crisis favourable to Algerian natural gas exports

With the crisis in Ukraine, Algerian natural gas exports will be higher given that the Russians are Algeria’s main competitors in this sector, with cheaper supply prices that have so far reduced the profits of Algerian enterprises.


Major natural gas discoveries in the South West

The significant natural gas discoveries that have been made in southwest Algeria have the capacity to produce 275 m3 and about 300 litres of condensate per hour and this could become an opportunity for the oil and gas industry in the near future.


Phénicia Conseil: international recruitment firm and expert in the Algerian Oil & Gas market

Phénicia Conseil is regularly solicited by strategic groups in the Oil & Gas sector in their search for talent in Algeria.

Phénicia Conseil is the only international recruitment firm to have participated in the four editions of the Hassi Messaoud international exhibition dedicated to operators and professionals of the Oil & Gas sector.

By attending this event, Phénicia Conseil has strengthened its involvement in the Algerian human resources scene by offering HR services that meet the expectations of Algerian operators in the energy and industry sectors.

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