During job interviews, I often ask candidates this question: Where are you in your professional journey? What type of destination are you aiming for?

-1- A Professional Journey

 In the light of this extraordinary journey, these questions make perfect sense in a professional project.

 A professional career is a journey marked by experiences, challenges, and personal achievements. It is a unique journey for each individual, a personal quest that sometimes begins in childhood when we dream of the professions we could pursue, or it can start later when we decide on our career path.


-2- The Starting Point, the First Spark… 

The first word that comes to mind when discussing a professional career is often “aspiration.” It is the starting point, the first spark that drives us to choose a particular path. 

Our professional aspirations reflect our dreams, passions, and values. They guide our choices and influence our journey.


-3- Education and Training

Then comes the word “education.” I have often observed that those who lack education also lack professionalism. 

To build a solid career, educational foundations and learning are essential. Whether through school, university, vocational training, or self-education, we acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to advance in our field of activity. 

Education and training are the cornerstones upon which we build our professional career.


-4- Seizing Professional Opportunities

As we progress on this path, the word “opportunity” becomes crucial. Opportunities come in various forms: a first job, a promotion, an exciting project, a key encounter. 

Seizing these opportunities, turning them into successes, is a major component of any career.


-5- Consistency in Effort, Self-reflection, and Courage

The word “effort” resonates throughout this journey as well. 

A successful professional career requires hard work, perseverance, and determination. 

There are days when effort is rewarded with significant progress, and others when it seems to lead nowhere. 

But it is consistent effort that propels us forward!


-6– Adaptability

The term “adaptation” also inevitably comes into play. 

The professional world is evolving rapidly, with technological advances, economic changes, and ever-changing trends. 

To maintain a solid career, one must adapt to different professional and cultural environments, acquire new skills, and remain flexible.


-7- Professional and Personal Life:

 A Quest for Balance: Balancing “professional life” and “personal life” is a constant challenge for many. 

The words “priorities” and “balance” come into play. It is indeed essential to find a balance that allows us to succeed in our career while preserving our well-being, relationships, and quality of life.


-8- Our Mentors: Sources of Inspiration and Role Models

Throughout this journey, the word “mentor” can play a crucial role.

 A mentor is someone who guides us, advises us, and inspires us by setting an example. 

Their teachings and experiences are valuable assets for progressing in our career because in the values we believe in, in what matters most to us, lies the mark of our most decisive professional encounters. 

Those that have sometimes changed our trajectories, those that have allowed us to be, modestly, what we are…


-9- Challenges:

 The word “challenge” takes many forms, from unforeseen obstacles to ambitious projects. 


-10- Risk is the Absolute Driver of Success

Challenges push us to push our limits, learn, and grow. 

They are an integral part of the professional experience. 

Over the years, the term “success” comes up regularly. 

Success can be defined in different ways depending on individuals: achieving a leadership position, earning a certain salary, accomplishing significant projects, or simply being happy in one’s work. 

Whatever the personal definition of success, it is often the ultimate goal of this journey.


-11– Failures

Learning Opportunities: However, the word “failure” is also present. Failures are inevitable in any professional career, just as a journey is unpredictable. They can be bewildering, frustrating, or even discouraging. But they are also valuable learning opportunities. Failures remind us that the path to success is paved with obstacles but can be overcome with resilience and perseverance.


-12- The Quality of a Professional Network

The term “network” becomes more important as the career progresses. The relationships we build with colleagues, mentors, clients, and other professionals can open doors, provide opportunities, and support us in challenging times.


-13- Passing on a Legacy

Ultimately, the word “legacy” looms on the horizon. Our career is not only about what we accomplish for ourselves but also about the impact we leave behind. 

The legacy we create can inspire future generations, contribute to our field, and have a positive impact on society.


-14- A Professional Career Is More Than Just a Series of Jobs

It is a journey rich in emotions, learning, and opportunities. It is a personal journey that shapes us, evolves over time, and allows us to achieve our dreams while contributing to the world around us.

 So, whether your professional journey is well underway or just beginning, remember that every step counts, and your career is a unique human adventure that deserves to be lived with passion!


-15- The Phénicia conseil Business Project

A Matter of Feeling, Commitment, and Passion! It is indeed passion that has been at the heart of the creation of Phénicia conseil in the heart of Mitidja!: “The passion to transmit a cultural heritage, the passion for the African continent, the passion for each professional journey, the passion for each candidate in their uniqueness, the passion for entrepreneurship, the passion for every culture, the passion to transmit human values through HR consulting.”

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