1. Lack of cross-cultural communication skills: Candidates who have not had experience working in a different cultural setting may struggle with communication with colleagues, clients, and customers from different backgrounds.
  2. Inflexibility and resistance to change: Candidates who are not able to adapt to new environments or situations may struggle to succeed in an expat position where everything from cultural norms to business practices may be different.
  3. Insufficient language skills: Language barriers can significantly hinder effective communication and may cause misunderstandings or errors in interpretation. Candidates who do not have strong language skills may struggle to navigate new markets or build effective relationships with local partners.
  4. Limited experience in a global setting: Candidates who have primarily worked in their home country may not have the experience necessary to navigate the complexities of a global business environment.
  5. Inadequate understanding of the local market: Candidates who do not have sufficient knowledge of the local market may struggle to identify business opportunities and connect with clients or customers.

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Phénicia Conseil is an agency that places the best of human values at the heart of its corporate vision, with the aim of making candidates’ career development the central tenet of its business.
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