Phénicia Conseil’s HR experts have carried out a dynamic analysis of five activity sectors that will be recruiting talent in 2022 in Senegal.

Construction and Public Works Sector:

Phénicia Conseil’s HR Expert for the construction and public works sector highlights an average expansion of 20% in this industry, which leads to a need for HR Talent recruitment, particularly for positions such as Works Director, Works Supervisor, Site Manager, Director of Works Projects.


Mining sector:

Mining groups specializing in phosphate are looking for candidates in mining engineering, civil engineering, metallurgical engineering and geological engineering.
The vast majority of mining groups have a need for senior executives with a versatile profile. 

Faced with this demand, Phénicia Conseil’s consultants are recruiting candidates with experience in the management of multidisciplinary teams for the positions of Operations Manager, Mine Engineer, Supply Chain Manager, Quarry Manager, Mining Geologist.


Agricultural Sector:

According to Phénicia Conseil’s HR expert in the agricultural sector, more than 5,000 positions are available.
The giants of the sector specialized in horticulture have settled in St Louis where the activity of this sector is concentrated.

Phénicia conseil is regularly solicited by international groups for the recruitment of Agricultural Engineers, Agronomists, Agricultural Machinery Engineers, Commercial Engineers.


Oil Sector:

Senegal is investing in the Hydrocarbons sector after the discovery of oil and gas deposits on the border between Senegal and Mauritania.

International oil groups wish to settle in this area.
The Total group has called upon Phénicia Conseil to recruit candidates for operational and management functions.

These are mass recruitments. 700 to 1000 people work in rotation on oil platforms.
A national oil institute has been launched in Senegal to train for these jobs.

Phénicia Conseil’s consultant specifies that local competences will be sought for needs in the oil sector.

Phénicia Conseil is regularly recruiting profiles for the following positions: Director of Operations, Refining Technology Engineers, Operators in the oil industry.


Development of new economic activities:

The traditional lines of business such as the banking sector, tourism and mass distribution are very interesting in Senegal, as well as the telecommunications sector with the emergence of start-ups.

The IT experts who come from the Senegalese diaspora have a strong interest in the projects of this new digital economy as well as Phénicia Conseil which possesses a rich library of talents on the African continent with profiles in new digital technologies.

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