The term ” winning the HR talent war ” used by HR departments and international recruitment firms is frequently mentioned in HR forum writings and discussions.

The scarcity of top management talents in international recruitment, which continues to reach record levels in multinational groups, partly explains the use of such excessive terms… such as ” winning a war “.

To pursue on this metaphor, it is rather in a context of peace that an international recruitment firm must develop a sourcing strategy with candidates by dissociating its approach from a job opportunity to favor the interest of a career path and professional project.
Our sourcing strategy in international recruitment consulting is based on a long-term relationship of trust with the senior executives.

A perfect knowledge by our consultants of their career paths and professional projects allows us to propose to our clients applicants whose skills will be in adequacy with the specificity of the missions to be conducted.
The very essence of the activity of an international recruitment firm lies in the quality of advice that it will deliver to a candidate on career developments that will be adapted to his professional skills and personal aspirations in order to integrate into a lifelong project.

Because it is indeed a life project, where the adhesion of the human values of a senior executive to those of a multinational group will allow him to grow both on a human and professional level.
A consultant from an international recruitment firm who has just identified a candidate on a social network and who, lacking knowledge about him, “hunts” him (the trivial expression “headhunter” fits perfectly…) is mistaken by making salary compensation his main argument to convince the candidate.

No matter how attractive the salary package may be, it is not enough to convince an executive to take up a challenge on an international level.

Highlighting to a candidate, the identity of a group, its human values, its corporate strategy, its economic vision, the strategic value of the position he could hold within a structure with its medium and long term development perspectives will be the major ingredients to motivate him. 


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