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The direct approach of a headhunter by an international recruitment agency

Although there is nothing that prohibits a Human Resources Manager a group from directly seeking a candidate, too systematic approach to candidates contacted by them can cause suspicion.

Indeed, if a candidate is contacted directly by a group’s HR department, the candidate may wonder whether he or she is being contacted for his or her skills as part of a recruiting process or to provide information to a competitor.

The HR department of the corporation in question may also be concerned that the candidate is bragging to their management that they have been approached by a competitor group to offer them the same position, which is often better paid than their own, with the unfortunate relationship-level consequences that this type of approach can bring, particularly in terms of non-compliance with professional ethics.

When approaching a candidate directly through an international headhunting agency (ref.), these concerns do not exist.

The performance of an international headhunting agency does not lie so much in the diversity of its CV library as in its know-how.

His main added value lies in his mastery of the direct approach process, his ability to quickly identify organisational charts and professional expertise, to clearly present the content of the position to be filled and the client’s needs, but above all to properly present the group for which he is recruiting.

The process will be all the easier if a partnership based on trust and professionalism has been established between the headhunter and his client.

The reputation of the company through the quality of its headhunters at an international level, in terms of performance, confidentiality and ethics, favours the quality of attention of the candidate, who responds differently depending on who contacts him.

In today’s practise, it is therefore rare for a company to carry out a direct approach itself, as candidates often react negatively to it.

There is too much confusion and too little confidentiality.

The complexity of today’s job market, the competition between groups, the need to find skills where they are, have led international recruitment agencies to use the direct approach based on segmentation by type of middle management candidate.

The headhunters of the best international recruitment agencies have as a common denominator an entrepreneurial and operational vision of their jobs, having held strategic responsibilities in companies.

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