Phoenicians did not only create the alphabet, they also spread it across the entire Mediterranean world. Wherever they sailed and established their commerce, they carried the notion of alphabetical writing. The secret of this art, indispensable to the development of the human mind, has been at the forefront of the elements of civilisation that they taught to various nations.

Blessed with a practical, and already global mind, they created a civilisation of sharing by unifying the Mediterranean shores, faces and hearts.

They laid down the foundations of true commerce: that of proximity and diversity, , where from Byblos to Lisbon, passing through Malta, Palermo, Icosium, Tipaza, Carthage and Malaga, they transformed the wide sea into a courtyard where men and women, jewellery and spices, monies and exotic animals mingled and where wheat, olive trees and fig trees cohabited.

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