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Civil construction

Post Missions:

Supervision and monitoring of Civil and Mechanical Subcontractors with the objective  of completing the design, procurement, construction, and commissioning of a Mechanical Biological Treatment (MBT) Plant within schedule.

  • Ensure that the HSE regulations are upheld and maintained by all subcontractors on  site.
  • Administration of Civil and Mechanical Subcontracts and ensuring that contractual clauses are respected and notifications timely served.
  • Ensure compliance with legal requirements, local building and safety codes, and other regulations.
  • Coordination between Subcontractors to ensure that the interface between civil and electromechanical works is carried out as planned. Actively respond to any identified  and / or potential delay that may lead to the Project not achieving the time target.
  • Conduct quality assurance and quality control on the civil and electromechanical works  to ensure that the works are carried as per the required quality standards
  • Preparing internal progress reports to be sent to the management outlining the performance of the works as per the schedule
  • Identify, analyse, and manage risks and opportunities at Project level.
  • Assist Project Director to meet demands or requests for information coming from Client.
  • Keep efficient project records to register all activities of importance relevant to the Project                  

Profile of Project Manager Position for the Cannakale Project:

  • Mechanical / Process Engineer with adequate knowledge in civil construction works.
  • Minimum experience of 10 years with a track record in Waste Treatment Projects.
  • Experience in commissioning of Solid Waste Treatment / Biomechanical Treatment.
  • Proven Project Management Leadership & Communication skills.
  • Full command of English & Turkish languages. Knowledge of French language would be advantageous.
  • Experience in working with Turkish Civil & Mechanical Contractors.
  • Knowledge of the construction codes and rules of art in Turkey.
  • Autonomous & self-driven to coordinate between and manage Subcontractors of different disciplines to achieve completion within challenging time targets.

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