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Change Management

The current business context requires constant adaptation, with changes of direction in strategies and expositions to different cultures often of having a disturbing effect on managers, teams and even the whole organisation.

The perception of a change by its operators has a direct impact on performance

Any change must be supported by the organisation to reach its objective.

It must be perceived as an opportunity and a positive evolution.

If your managers are struggling with change management, we can help you with strategic changes. Phénicia Conseil has experienced consultants specialising in managing change through strategic planning and which will help you make your change process a success.

Our involvement revolves around the following objectives:

• Defining the different levels of change needed to reach the chosen objective.

• Measuring the impact and consequences of the change in each team.

• Identifying and analysing the main reasons hindering change.

• Defining the strategy to overcome them

• Placing the respect of all the individuals of the organisation at the heart of the process

• Involving people and getting them to understand and fulfil their roles in the management of the change

• Creating a strategic and operational plan of action

• Defining an accompanying the action plan on the 4 strategic levels: management, structure, systems and culture.

• Measuring the results and putting in place corrective actions if needed.

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