We have made of Expatriation Assignments a speciality, especially in emerging countries and the African continent.

Phénicia brings its expertise in expat assignments to both candidates and companies and offers the following services:

• Candidate Profile advice

• Initiation to the country's culture, its economic context and local working practises.

• Integration training within the company depending on the culture and the defined assignment.

• Welcoming, installation and logistic assistance with logistics

• Change management training to facilitate the integration process to new country and organisation’s cultures.

• Communication strategy surrounding the main aspects that will have a decisive impact on the success of the assignment.

• Offering the expatriate's partner to participate in intercultural training.

• Helping the expatriate's partner to integrate within the new country with the use of social networks and associations, depending on their interests.

• Supporting the expatriate's partner with job hunting in the new country.

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