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Recruitment, Training & Consulting

Looking for Talent? Leave it up to us to find you the best! And we will offer you on top free candidate training, strategy advice and help on how to get the best out of human resources.

An international and sector-specific expertise

Thanks to our consultants' international experience and sector-specific working expertise, we understand your talent problematic and are able to bring you the best candidates by country and skill-type in the following industries:

• Technology

• Consumer goods, Distribution

• Construction industry, Energies, Oil & Gas

• Hospitality

• Finance, Banking, Insurance

• Health & Pharmaceuticals

• B2B Services

Recruitment focused on job suitability and detection of potential.
Our structured approach brings you success

• Defining the key job criteria to target the required technical skills

• Defining the candidate's profile to define the additional human skills needed to fit your company culture and the operating environment

• Defining the recruitment strategy and the assessment methods adapted to the assignment and job type.

• Staging of specific work and cultural situations allowing the evaluation of each skill

Strategic training sessions to determine recruitment success and its fruition in the proposed assignment.

• Company integration training

• Cultural coaching for candidates, allowing them to adopt the right behavioural reflexes throughout their assignment.

• Technical training in sales, communication and management, adapted to the need of the company or the candidate.

Our international and intercultural expertise also allows us to advise you on multicultural management and the potential problems of cultural diversity in a recruitment process that includes the evaluation of candidates, their interview, their selection and their integration.

• Analysis and diagnosis of the needs

• Advice on the adapted action plans

• Advice on getting the best out of the organisation to reach the defined objective.

• Operational follow-up.

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