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Phénicia Conseil is an international recruitment consultancy and the reference in the search for talent combining technical skills and cultural intelligence.

In the current multicultural professional environment, our clients have perfectly recognised the real advantages they gain from having skilled people internally who are also capable of understanding and adapting to different cultures and environments.

Technical skills or a foreign language alone aren't enough, cultural intelligence has become an essential component in our multicultural world. Otherness – or the ability to relate to others whether they are our colleagues, our clients or our business partners, is now an essential component in a multicultural world.

As well as mastering technical skills required for a position, our candidates have the human and cultural skills needed to be successful on their assignments.

Interculturality does not only involve a geographical expatriation. Changing from one team to another, from one company to another also forces candidates to adapt to a new functional and managerial culture, just as career evolutions need interdisciplinary passages between various jobs and demand a strong capacity of cultural adaptation.

Our intercultural management has a large vision revolving around jobs, skills, regions, countries and languages, in order to develop innovation and creativity by highlighting the diversity of human resources and the performance of organisations.

Phénicia Conseil is also a recruitment agency where the best human values are incorporated throughout the search project with the objective of making candidates' personal development our main line of action.

Values of humanism and respect for each candidate regardless of their origin, culture, academic background or work history.

Values of professionalism and performance, offering our clients a high level of quality of service and a recruitment expertise acquired by our consultants through years of international experience across several job functions and industries.

Values of enthusiasm and passion for a profession in which we have grown and which has offered us some of the best years of our lives.

Faced with globalisation and the loss of bearings resulting from it, each and everyone feels the need to create tighter bonds with those close to us. We are convinced of the necessary evolution of recruitment towards a humanised and more innovative approach that places us, humans, at the centre of the process.

Thierry Grosso

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